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Jan 23
Added Mothership Zeta perk: Xenotech Expert
Jan 23
Added Point Lookout perks: Ghoul Ecology, Punga Power!, Superior Defender
Jun 9
You can now comment on character builds. Maximum comment length is long enough (12000 characters) for author to post Fallout 3 guide or tips related to a character.
Jun 7
It was not possible to add Skills Bobbleheads for a few last days. It is now fixed.
May 15
Added No Weaknesses and Almost Perfect. All Broken Steel perks are now available.
May 12
Level cap is now increased to 30. There are new Broken Steel perks except for these modifying SPECIAL. They will be added soon.
Apr 6
Added Booster Shot, Pitt Fighter, and Auto Expert, which are new perks that came with The Pitt DLC.
Mar 30
Bug fix: It was not possible to advance to a next level after all skills had been maxed out. And yes, it is now possible to max out all skills with books.
Feb 24
The Iron Fist perk was incorrectly assigning +5 Unarmed skill per rank. It is now fixed. The fix affects the new as well as the existing character builds. Thanks to drock007 for spotting the bug.
Feb 13
You can now feed your character builds with Skill Books.
Jan 30
Added Covert Ops - the Operation: Anchorage perk.
Jan 13
New section: Fallout 3 Perks
Jan 4
Characters can now be associated with Play Styles, e.g. sniper stealth vats.
Dec 31
You can remove unwanted character builds now. The option is available under the first tab of a character.
Dec 23
Added all Quest Perks except for Survival Perks.
Dec 22
New derived statistic: Damage Resistance.
Dec 19
Ant Might and Ant Sight are the first Quest Perks available now.
Dec 16
Added Top 5 Tags chart based on character submissions.
Dec 15
Included skill bobbleheads.
Dec 14
You can add SPECIAL bobbleheads between levels under the Bobblehead button.